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Who We Are & How We Save You Money

Best Insurance Services is what you can call an independent insurance broker. We are not an insurer ourselves. What we do is work with many different insurers (Progressive, Safeco, Farmers, and more) to provide insurance for our clients using an insurance company of our client's choice. We don't work for any insurer, but with them. By working with multiple insurer's we provide our clients with a competitive edge so they receive the lowest rates. Our clients pay less with our services, a lot less. Our clients get added convenience as well.

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With an independent agent your time and money go farther.

Here's how it works. Because we work with multiple insurers we have a handy tool to cross check quotes for our clients across a range of insurance companies. You can think of it like insurance companies competing against each other for your (the client's) business. So our clients give us their info only one time and receive quotes from multiple companies, choosing the quote they like best. Kind of like a one-stop shop, saving time and money (convenient, right?). No need to spend time searching for and calling multiple agents from different companies to find the best quote.

It doesn't stop there. If a client's renewal date for their insurance is coming up and we find a lower rate with another company, we can move our client over to that company with the lower rate if our client chooses so (but who wouldn't want to pay less for the same product?). There's even more convenience we provide for our clients. Using an example: let's say Janice owns a car and a house. Janice calls Best Insurance Services looking to insure both her car and house. We run her info through our cross-checker tool to find her the best rates. We find that that lowest cost for Janice would be to put her car with Nationwide and her house with Farmers. We act as Janice's agent for both companies. If Janice wants something adjusted for her home insurance she calls us. If Janice gets in an car accident and needs to make a claim she calls us. We are Janice's insurance agent for all of her insurance needs. Janice won't even need to call an 800 number and wait on hold because independent agents like Best will give her a direct line to her agent.

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Save yourself time and money by calling an independent agent

But all of these conveniences and services must cost clients something extra, right? Surely there are hidden fees? Service charges? Absolutely not. At Best Insurance Services we actually don't charge our clients anything. The only bill the client gets is from the insurance company. If any agent/agency charges you any extra "fees" or "service charges" take your business somewhere else. And while independent brokers/agents do act a little like the middle man between insurance companies and the client/consumer, it works at the advantage for the client. It works out that way because of how independent agents get paid.

How an independent insurance broker/agent gets paid is through commission. By providing insurers with customers they probably would never have had insurers pay independent agents commission. How that can look like is like this: say Joe is an independent agent and Joe signs up three new clients with insurance. One with Progressive, one with Farmers, and another one with The Hartford. Joe will receive a commission from each insurance company he set up a client with. So Joe actually doesn't get paid by the clients, but by the insurance companies. Because of this setup you can say that independent agents work for the client, not for the insurance companies. Because what matters is what the client decides to do. The insurance companies also benefit a little from this scenario. While an insurance company would make more money if a client got insurance from one of their "captive" agents, working with an independent agent gains them clients they might not have otherwise.

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Independent agents will make it nice and easy for you

So next time your insurance is up for renewal, why don't you check and see if you can save a little money? Independent insurance agencies like Best Insurance Services can make it convenient for you and your wallet.

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